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7 Reasons To Adopt Onsite Event Check-in Technology

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The event check-in and registration desk is the first impression your guests have of your event. It needs to be stunning, welcoming and efficient. Time to replace outdated practices across all types of events – conferences, corporate, meet-ups, incentive, family days, exhibitions. Put your best foot forward with onsite event technology.

Long queues? Volunteers fumbling over badges? Flipping through paper guest lists? Missing badges? Last-minute registrations? Clogged up entry points? Annoyed guests? Unaware of the guest count? Still facing such problems? Time to go digital with your event check-in. Think like your guests – your guests are mobile-savvy, loyal to tech brands, incredibly self-reliant, impatient and yearn for instant gratification. Not convinced yet? Here are 7 additional reasons.

Airport Check-in Experience

Your guests are well-travelled, probably checked-in to a flight 24 hours ago. They expect a check-in experience similar to an airport. Your guest should walk to any counter, show identification, show a valid ticket/confirmation (on mobile!) and walk out with their badge. All within seconds.

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Shorter Queues  

Our studies show that guests stand in line upwards of 4-6 minutes when no technology is used at event check-ins. This is primarily due to event staff sorting through badges and searching printed guest lists. In today’s fast-paced world, waiting for “minutes” is an eternity for your guests. A smart onsite check-in mobile app can reduce guest wait times by over 1200% to under 30 seconds.

Instant Check-in

With technology, our actions have become instant. Book a cab, shop for a new wardrobe, order food, pay taxes – all just a tap away. So why not your event check-in? Integrate technology to support and empower your guest’s fast-paced behavior. At events powered by our solution, guests scan their unique QR-code and are instantly checked-in. No searching, no sorting, no waiting! Don’t believe us? Check out our video.

Smarter Manpower, Lesser Training

Good event staff is no longer sufficient. With increasing costs, your event volunteers need to get smarter, more efficient and reliable. With the experience of hundreds of events, guest & organiser feedback, our product team has designed an event check-in app that is intuitive, ergonomic, easy-to-setup and simple to use. Our plug and play solution ensures training is completed within 5 minutes. You can trust the check-in app to do the hard work, while your volunteers welcome your guests with a smile!

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Bonus Insight: Most events working with us have converted their check-in desks to self-check-in kiosks. Contact us to know more.

Flexible & Adaptable

Invariably, despite days of planning, the unexpected always occurs at every event. In such moments, you expect your staff to react quickly and adapt. Expect the same with your technology. Rigid technologies lead to frustration. Onsite event check-in technology should adapt to guest & logistic requests – last-minute guest updates, additional data to capture, new tracking locations, table changes and more.

Live Analytics & Tracking

Data! Data! Data! It needs to be live, readily available and reliable. ‘Nuf said.

Secure & Reliable

Data privacy is on top of your guest’s mind. Besides ensuring your guest data is up-to-date, organised and synchronised, it needs to be secure! Access to data, export/print should be restricted and administered. Absolutely critical is to ensure guest QR-codes are encoded and can be decoded only by the check-in app. Our solution is powered by an enterprise-grade GDPR compliant platform. We have made data privacy our top priority, which forms the backbone of our solution.

Wrapping up, eliminate event check-in chaos, uninterested volunteers and guest frustrations. Instead generate enthusiasm for your next event with high-end technology. Feel free to contact us.

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