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So you’re used to doing your events in person, but now you have to figure out how to do it online, right? Virtual events, when properly managed, can help your business save valuable time and resources. But how can you ensure that your participants listen and keep their insights? If virtual workouts feel like a daunting task when you’re new to online work, that’s fine.


In this article, we reveal some of the best tips to make virtual workouts a great success. Similar to offline events, the key to good sessions on a conference event app is to ensure that your audience listens to your speakers and not only checks their email or phone but also has the opportunity to practice the skills they have learned. Here are some virtual event tips you can implement to make your successful sessions.


  1. Ensure Stable Technology 


A seminal requirement of seamless online events is the utilization of reliable and robust technology that is easy to navigate. Create dynamic scheduling in order to maximise engagement in event sign up apps – try and pair it with a platform that provides secure access and is feature-rich. 


  1. Virtual Ice-Breakers Are Important 


Human connection is key to successful events, be it online or offline. Hence, keeping that in mind, make sure to introduce virtual icebreakers when you run an event. For instance, you can concoct an immersive trivia or encourage attendees to collaborate with one another virtually in order to overcome the barrier of geographical distance. When passionate individual cross paths, interesting ideas are bound to follow. 


  1. Impactful Slides Matter 


No matter what medium it utilizes, great content will always triumph. The key takeaway should be highlighted in a way that is easy-to-grasp and practically applicable. You can emphasise pointers by putting the text in bold or highlighting them. Bullet points work better than paragraphs when it comes to presentations, and high-quality images make your presentation soothing to the eye, thus, making it more engaging. 


  1. Encourage Attendees to Participate 


Make sure that the host, along with the speakers involved in the event maintain a confident, calm, and energetic tone throughout. Encourage attendees to ask questions and put their views forward. While not everyone wishes to show their faces on camera, do encourage them to do so in order to evoke a genuine aura around your event. This will keep everyone engaged and urge others to follow suit. 


  1. Set Defined Goals and Expectations 


At the beginning of your event, lay some ground rules in order to seamlessness.Ask them to momentarily pause all other work, along with emails. This will ensure active attendee participation. Apart from this, also set clear goals and expectations that revolve around the event. Allow your attendees to come up with their own questions, and answer them as succinctly as possible.


  1. Create Virtual Lounges


Virtual lounges are a great feature, as they allow attendees to come together and brainstorm after a session. These lounges are a hub of ideas and creative application, along with valuable networking. Maximise engagement by making these sessions fun and brief. 


  1. Chat, Inform, Guide 


During video sessions, make sure to use the chat window, as it is a convenient alternative to pausing for questions. You can also let attendees respond to a question, which is wonderful for people with anxiety or those just shy to talk in an upfront manner. Dedicate a member of your team to act as chat moderator and filter questions as per your requirements. 


  1. Create Polls to Boost Engagement 


Polls are wonderful to ensure that all your attendees are involved and are providing useful feedback real-time. You can create polls around general topics, the session in question, or weigh opinions across your audience. You could also host a contest and award points for every correct answer. Virtual prizes can be distributed, which provides real value for attendees. 


While virtual events can be daunting, once mastered, you will find it interesting and dynamic enough to host events in a way that is valuable and effective for your audience. Go virtual, and keep the magic of events alive.

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