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Let’s tread where facts dwell: Rewarding communication stems out of trustworthy roots. Hence, it’s of prime importance that in order to market yourself, one has to establish a foundation of trust and then proceed forth. Interactive events of the likes of conferences, webinars, exhibitions et al, are vocal of strengthening the aforementioned foundation and are therefore brought into practice every now and then in the corporate world. Such events pave the way for networking and bonding – the cornerstones of any successful business endeavour. Apt communication yields transparency – a much desirous aspect that transcends vital information in the best manner possible, thereby increasing customer loyalty.

However, owing to the pandemic transpiring yonder, life as we once knew it, has come to a standstill. COVID-19 has left the world in shackles – with people retreating indoors in order to stay safe and sound. With organizations running on empty and a large chunk of populous working from home, it’s high time that we evolve with respect to the situation at hand. In order to overcome the circumstantial hurdles, the corporate world is favouring virtual events that can be easily executed via a state-of-the-art event management app.

With virtual management of events being the need of the hour, it’s quite necessary that during the initial phase, an integrated communication should nullify any chances of errors, thereby ensuring fruitful administration and potential audience retention. Here’s how you can accomplish doing the same:

One Platform To Rule Them All

In order to orchestrate the smooth functioning of a task in a professional environment, one is always at the liberty to put the hassles at rest by opting for a platform that delivers on one’s expectations. With respect to the pandemic, we already have our plates full of problems – hence, in order to manage our employees efficiently or conduct an interactive event, a platform that offers branding, zero coding, security, and comes sans maintenance ordeals, is nothing short of being a blessing in disguise. With every technical aspect sorted from your end, you can now be assured that your attendees shall embark on a seamless virtual journey.

Pre- and Post-Event Interaction

Event apps largely bank upon the aspect of trustworthy communication. Apart from branding your app in order to churn out a storytelling experience, such apps are devised in a manner that you stay in touch with your attendees both before, during, and after the event. During the pre-event scenario, showcasing event information is the primary agenda. It comprises of shedding light on the itinerary, speaker profiles, sponsors et al. Push notifications to ensure that such information keeps popping up on the devices of the attendees – thereby making them feel involved. During the event, the activity wall is bustling with life – the latest updates of what’s transpiring and live discussions encircle the same. The mentioned live feed comprises of posts, photos, videos, et cetera. Post-event- surveys, offline feedback, deep interaction insights, and audience tracking, enable you to fish out the nuances that make you familiar with what clicked, what didn’t, and how to rectify the same. 

Empathy is the Key

Empathy is the need of the hour. During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it’s highly recommended that your online event should be laced with empathy and compassion. No matter how interactive and apt your event is with respect to the premise if you fail to acknowledge the elephant in the room, then there exist high chances that you will fail to make an impact. Addressing COVID-19, discussing the threat it poses to the society and the economy, and interacting with the attendees on the same ground, shall provide an emotional angle to your approach. If you genuinely empathise with your attendees, then they too shall empathise with your cause. Period. 

Do remember that a live polling app – yet another feature offered by event app platforms- enables you to conduct live polls, thereby sending an interactive pulse that most of your attendees shall respond to. An all-in-one event app also supports social media integration – allowing you to share what’s transpiring during the event, on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Contests, quizzes, and what not – event apps are the new vogue to take your virtual event experience to an entirely new level.

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