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How AIDAIO made Tesco Foundation Day 2018 a digital success!

By October 20, 2018February 4th, 2020No Comments


Tesco Bengaluru is the only international technology and retail operations centre for Tesco worldwide. They make the Tesco experience better for millions of customers, and simpler for over 4,60,000 colleagues around the world. Keeping the organisation connected and engaged the world over is critical to Tesco’s continued success.

The Goals

1. Launch an app at a Tesco event that keeps the attendees connected after the event.

2. Use the app to ensure a smooth check-in experience for every attendee at the event.

Tesco Business Services wanted their Foundation Day to help connect event attendees through an event app so that they stay engaged even after the conference. Additionally, they wanted the event to be a great experience for their employees and wanted to ensure a smooth and seamless event check-in and registration experience.


The Result

The AIDAIO event app, branded for Tesco, coupled a seamless check-in experience with the ability to help attendees connect and engage successfully.

All the attendees were successfully checked-in in record time. The entire process for all 2000+ attendees was done in less than 30 minutes. That averages to under a second spent on each person! The branded Tesco Event App helped attendees to view the agenda and speaker list, as well as share and post content in the app with ease.

What’s more, the participants who met at the event found each other on the app after the event and continue to stay connected till date. The app is multi-functional and has turned out to be a great investment!


I just want to say that this is a wonderful thing that you guys have done because the app was so cool, I was able to see the agenda of the program, check-in solutions…it didn’t take me too long, just have to walk in. It was really a fantastic job.                                                     Richard Johnston – HR Team


How did an app connect an organisation this large?

With a clever combination of pre-event content to build excitement for Foundation Day, interaction through live polls, engagement with speakers through live Q&A during sessions and much more. Additionally, the app also gathers data that gives Tesco insights into what sessions and themes their employees are most interested in and sets them up for success in all their future events and employee engagement activities.

If there’s a company that’s mastered the art of employee engagement, it’s Tesco Business Services. We’re glad to be partners with them on this journey!


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