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The virtual realm has always been magical in terms of bringing people together in ways that are ingenious, defying geographical barriers and other circumstantial limitations. Now, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual events have become especially pertinent, acting as effectual tools for recreating interactive environments. As attendees are welcoming this idea, the success of event technology hinges upon how well the event team can make the entire cycle work, in a way that helps create memorable experiences that add value to the event ecosystem. How can we make virtual events work during the current scenario, and the time to come? Here’s how. 



  • Attempt to Disrupt Space-Time Barriers



Virtual events hold the ability to bypass geographical restrictions, thereby concocting event experiences that are real-time, unrestricted, and impactful. This way, one can offer repeat session in multiple time zones and leverage on activity streams for attendees to tune in.  One can also maximize by digitally featuring important speakers who weren’t originally available during live streams.  It is also a good idea to collaborate with influencers for virtual talks and live streams, or bring in subject-matter experts and exhibitors into the equation. 



  • Create a Healthy Buzz at the Pre-Event Stage 



Event organizers should sure that the pre-event registration microsite is driven to seek invite-only registrations, wherein the process is easy, accessible, and straightforward. Once the attendee registers themselves for the virtual event, they will be equipped with an app download link that will allow them to directly tune in. The app shall contain the agenda for the event, allowing attendees to take better stock of what’s in store for them. Event organisers could also go ahead and add the “Book Meeting” option on the event day itself – this will facilitate one-on-one video calls that can be pre-booked and attended on the prescribed date. Engagement can be furthered with the help of in-app contests, as this will help create optimum buzz around the event! 



  • Go All-Out on the Day of the Event



The session can be planned as per the organizer’s motto – they can either host live streams or publish pre-recorded videos and podcasts to the live session. Podcasts are a wonderful way to drive event interaction and keep attendees hooked at all times. You can bring in esteemed speakers who can address and answer the questions posed by the audience, and the best part is, all of this can occur in real-time. Here are some other ways in which you can add massive value to virtual events: 


  • Publish in-app decks, slides, and presentations to keep your audience up-to-date with relevant information. 
  • Add live polls to take the opinions of attendees into consideration.
  • Bolster one-on-one video meetings that are planned and scheduled beforehand.
  • Arrange in-app live support to curb sudden glitches, technical errors, in case they occur.
  • Boost meaningful engagement with the help of in-app contests, feedback, etc. 
  • Make sure that you have proper setups in place to monitor all streams/live streams simultaneously.
  • Make sure that live streams are seamless. This can either be done via sharing the stream URL or hosting it on the platform itself. Stream in the highest quality possible. 
  • Calculate in advance: how many hours do you require to stream? How many attendees do you expect will tune in? 
  • Opt for pre-event testing to ensure optimum streaming quality.



  • Keep the Post-Event Stage Meaningful and Humane 



The post-event stage is crucial for event organizers as this allows them to push the success of the event a notch higher. All content must be published in-app in order to garner feedback. Make sure to evoke an environment of togetherness, as that is crucial during such trying times. 


Now that you’re equipped with tips that help make virtual events work, keep spreading the magic of events – AIDA is with you every step of the way.

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