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Chatbots came into deployment in the year 2017 and crossed the chasm right from just an idea to a definite reality. The year was celebrated as the year of chatbot technology. Event chatbots, when incorporated into an event app, become capable of enhancing ROI by a significant margin.

Chatbots are celebrated as a medium that is nothing but an interactive alternative for the printed guide in any event app. Event chatbots are the perfect medium for delivering any sort of event-related information to attendees, along with the various sessions and activities which are going to take place. Because of being available on a 24 X 7 basis, event chatbots are the perfect deliverable for any sort of support required during an event.

Hence, there lies great potential in the tool named chatbots, especially when it is about event marketing and maximizing return on investment.  Here’s how:

Education Of Users

AI has captured most part of our lives and the impact of the same can be judged from the fact that devices such as Google Home, Alexa etc. are part and parcel of every home today. The attendees are made to understand the ways of interaction with event chatbots and the benefits that can be attained. Since the attendees start interacting with the chatbots as early 8-10 days before the event, it serves as an educative guide for the pre-event communications.

Navigation Assistant

Since, the website may not be able to answer every question put forth by the visitors, the chatbots act as a navigation assistant in this case. The chatbots have the ability to answer the queries with a small description and the link of the relevant page and thus, remain as a unique source of information. They can also answer different queries of visitors.

Cost Reduction

When the event chatbots have used the cost of using the labour during online interactive sessions with the customers stand reduced. This is a great advantage for the companies receiving multiple queries in a single instant. The chatbots are thus aligned with the objectives of the companies and can be considered for enhancing customer conversion.

Increased Level Of Customer Engagement

It is important that the customers remain engaged with the brand before, during and after the event. As per the statistics, the companies that spend on event engagement using event chatbots are able to augment the customer spend by nearly 40%. The event chatbots are known to be providing a slice of useful information to the users in comparison to the conventional user interactive interfaces used by the brands and thus, promotes interaction with the user based on the inputs given by them. The rate of user engagement is high because chatbots don’t bore the customers by bugging them up with all sorts of unnecessary and irrelevant information and also keep the flow of the conversation by maintaining relevancy.

Although event chatbots are still considered to be a part of emerging technology; they are maturing quickly and becoming a staple for different events. Being interactive, chatbots create a unique experience for users by telling a story and ultimately leading to a sale.

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