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Social Distancing, work from home, and staying at home, have indeed become the new norm of our society. This system that we are forced to adhere to, owing to the outbreak of novel coronavirus, might have many of us feeling disconnected with our communities, family and friends, and that is completely normal. These uncertain times warrant for us to connect even more intensely in order to alleviate stress and anxiety. This is the time for video conferencing and platforms like a mobile event app to shine.


Creation and management of events is in no way an easy task. It helps you wield the power of bringing people from various spheres of life and various intensities of isolation together. Let’s discuss some ways to help connect people even when they are physically disconnected.


The Dark Side of Isolation.


Many of us would tend to claim and embrace our inner introvert and relish the opportunity to be saying at home however, there is a dark side to isolation. Humans are complex social organisms. Cutoff from others via our routine communication channels can be challenging and daunting and can adversely affect your health mentally, as well as, physically. Cutting off from normal communication from peers, friends and family has been proven to be as health degrading as smoking a pack of cigarettes every day. 


Hence, maintaining social contact becomes of paramount importance. Reaching out to a friend has also been scientifically proven to be better for your mental health instead of having a glass of wine alone, wallowing in self-pity.  There is no better way to connect people than an online event. Online events are not only being utilised for friends and family but corporates are using in-built employee engagement tools to keep employees motivated and raring to go to their workstations.


Foster Connections

Technology has come to our aid once again, and made the world a smaller place, in essence,  helping you get in touch with loved ones, friends and family in an instant, literally with a click of a button.Schools, live-streaming classes, online webinars, organizations of all sizes have tried adapting to the new times by leveraging the  technology at our disposal.


So a question pops into our heads, about the ways to innovate with online events in order to keep things fresh and connected. How do you leverage your skills to stay in touch? What do you do from the comfort of your homes and still feel like you’re on an outing. Here is a list of few ideas you can execute:


  1. Teach an online yoga/workout class
  2.  Host an online book club
  3. Livestream talks with experts
  4. Virtual Coffee Dates
  5. Balcony Dance Party


Tips  for Connecting via virtual events


  1. Choose the right technological platform.
  2. Introduce the concept of virtual hand-raising and track the interest of your audience in your content
  3. Do not skimp on production equipment
  4. Test video before events
  5. Make use of your presentation skills
  6.  Engagement tools like polls, Live Q&As etc. to keep attendees in the thick of things.


Search online for ways to stay connected during the pandemic, and you’ll see  the same thing: It’s about being intentional, reaching out to your network, and talking to other human beings on a daily basis.


Your event can be a wonderful support resource for people during the upcoming weeks. Start helping your community connect online and create a virtual gathering today.

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