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The recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has gripped the world in a mire of panic and uncertainty. While it is undeniable that this has disrupted daily life to a certain extent, it is unwise to give in to sheer alarm and obstruct everyday experiences altogether. The same is applicable for events – which are wonderful nexuses for interaction, business, and growth, carrying meaningful learning opportunities at every turn. It is understandable if attendees feel iffy about attending an event with a large gathering at this particular juncture – so what’s the solution?

Event Apps. With the world already on its way to embracing virtual realities, event apps emerge a the go-to solution in times of adversity. With adversity, comes hope – the hope to connect as human beings and forge genuine bonds that lead to extraordinary things, even during dark times. Virtual event technology is the future, allowing organizers to enhance and improve audience experiences, irrespective of geographical barriers and socio-cultural factors. Now, one can organize major conferences, seminars, and exhibitions with the touch of a button!

Why Event Apps Excel in the Virtual Realm

Over the last decade or so, event apps have evolved into a multifaceted tool for event organisers. Why? Event apps used for virtual events:

  • Make events more productive by raising the ROI for all the stakeholders involved
  • Grant valuable data that provide significant insights
  • Allow attendees to filter their interests and navigate what’s relevant to them
  • Act as a platform for broadcasting important event-related information
  • Last-minutes alterations can be updated seamlessly and in real-time
  • Reduce carbon footprint and helps save paper, among other natural resources
  • Allow organizers to sell advertising space, which is always a plus for sponsorships

Unmistakably, the ingenuity of event apps is not limited to the pointers above. You can use the app platform to promote the event effectively, with the help of in-app reminders, dedicated mail-outs, social media buzz, and so on. Event apps for virtual events can also be used to provide rewards to attendees in exchange for creating buzz prior to the said event.

Making the Best Out of Trying Times

Once organizers are able to master event app usage in a manner that is fruitful in a holistic manner, they can evoke an aspect of deeper engagement from attendees, garnering greater satisfaction levels. In the light of the Coronavirus outbreak, event organizers should try their optimum best to sustain the magic of events, without aggravating concerns in the minds of the masses. How can they do that? Here are some methods that work:

  • Use digital media extensively. Make efficient use of videos, podcasts, live streams, documents, etc to convey important information relevant to the event. You can also broadcast sneak peek snippets of key speakers who will be presiding over the event. Set up virtual sessions, so that attendees can log in at an appointed time, which helps evoke a feeling of community, which is much needed during tough times.
  • Highlight sponsors with product showcases. Make use of the event app to send in-app notifications and reminders to attendees, in order to highlight specific sponsors and exhibitors. Highlight the best product innovations from your event and showcase them with the help of the app.
  • Live streams are the way to go. Run all of your virtual events through live streams – you can either use Facebook/Instagram LIVE, IGTV, or streaming channels such as Twitch. You can also add in-app questions and pose them to your audience, share your own thoughts, along with that of your speakers, add a poll, etc. These strategies will not only increase event reach but also bolster engagement at t5he same time.
  • Run in-app contests for more engagement. You can do this by formulating a contest that is bound to bring in a certain amount of traction.  For instance, you can run a quiz, asking audiences to choose the right answer, on which, they receive a virtual reward of sorts. Activity walls can also be used to bring people together during difficult times.

Meanwhile, stay calm, be safe. Remember to follow verified best practices. WHO link

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