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The wise and the experienced admit the very fact that often mammoth efforts lead to minuscule impact. Such instances implore us to work smart rather than working hefty. The act of making a mark in the modern world does not derive from a grandmaster plan – no, it’s more about seizing the moment and making the best out of it.

When it comes to defining smart solutions on the mobile tech platform, a budding start-up or an established organization is desirous of a singular app that caters to multiple needs, that too efficiently. Efficiency matters, for it, paves way for reliability. In the world where cut-throat competition is the norm, reliable platforms lead the race – an undeniable mantra of the times. Start ahead – be a rabbit in this turtle race, by acknowledging what you desire from your app-making platform. Here are a few questions and the answer to all is the best event app that is the need of the hour. Meet the AIDA app maker – one platform that not only fulfils your needs but also destiny. Let’s delve into the heart of the topic, shall we? 

Effective and Engaging Event Apps

Designing an event app with AIDA ensures that you enhance your event experience to the next level. From showcasing event information like itinerary, speaker profiles, sponsors, et al, to driving optimum event interaction via push notifications, activity wall, and leader board, keeping your attendees engaged with AIDA’s offerings, paves way for an entirely new event eco-system. Catering to the needs of corporates, event managers, delegates, and exhibitors, features offered by AIDA help on creating detailed reports for in-depth analysis. Accessible, easy to design, and affordable – that’s everything you need in an event app, right there!

All-in-one Event Management

With AIDA, you get the privilege to create a custom branded event registration page. The branded and mobile responsive integrates seamlessly to adapt to your event by importing your guest list. You can not only access but also execute the aforementioned, within minutes. 20x faster on-site check-in makes the experience immensely personalized by displaying a personal message for every guest. Along with creating custom event badges, one can also track their guests with real-time live analytics.

Optimum Employee Experience

AIDA guarantees an exceptional employee experience. Create a more productive and happier workplace via an internal communications app that allows you to connect to your colleagues from anywhere. Transform the face of employee engagement with the aid of push notification, pulse surveys, employee recognition, and more. If employee satisfaction is your priority, then AIDA’s features offer you survey and analytics tools that help one measure performance, satisfaction, and sentiment.

With AIDA, you hold the potential to create apps that blend with your brand. The times call for brands to send out a message, and our platforms help you accomplish just the same. In layman terms, it’s very necessary to understand what aspects of a particular entity appeal to the masses in the best manner possible. One is uniqueness while the other is effectiveness. Every event app that you create with AIDA is unique, to say the least. The plethora of design and utility options that we offer, ensure that each app that originates from our platform, bears a distinct appeal that’s hard to miss. Here’s why you can sit back and relax, while AIDA does the job!

  • Ease: You don’t have to be an IT-wiz to use AIDA to your benefit. Tell us what you want and within hours, your app will be published to the stores.

  • Accessibility: When we say that with AIDA you design your event app, we don’t mean coding. No! All you have to do is – drag and drop elements on our mobile app builder and get going.

  • Zero maintenance: You don’t have to manage your infrastructure – when it comes to getting you the app installs, our geniuses are always at play.

  • Security: Your valuable data remain forever protected in our hands. We value our patrons to the core.

AIDA is the technology you can trust when it comes to developing your own Android and iOS event registration app. Leave the design, tech, and maintenance aspects to us, while you give wings to your ideas.

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