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Observing Safety During Events in the Midst of Coronavirus

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Events are indispensable for B2B and B2C industries alike. One only has to take a look at the statistics: 74% of attendees harbour a more positive perception of a business/organization post a successful event, and 96% of customers are more inclined to make a purchase, based on their favourable experiences of event engagement

Considering the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which, according to WHO, holds the potential to evolve into a full-fledged pandemic, event organizers need to stay updated regarding its developments, boost communications, and plan added safety measures for attendees. While the situation seems sombre, it is fruitless to spread unnecessary panic – instead, what we can do is observe requisite safety measures against the spread of the virus during events, seminars, conferences, and so on. Let’s take a look at the precautions that can be taken to ensure the safety and wellbeing of organizers and attendees alike: 

Keep the Event “Handshake-Free”

As per WHO, one should maintain a minimum distance of 1 metre [3 feet] between themselves and someone who appears to be coughing/sneezing. While this precaution is to prevent viral transmission from a potentially infected person, one needs to observe a similar stance when in the midst of a gathering, especially during events. Keep the event handshake-free, in order to prevent spreading of the virus via physical contact. 

Focus on Thorough Sanitization 

One can reduce the chances of infection by cleaning their hands with an alcohol-based rub/sanitizer or washing them with soap water for a minimum of 2 minutes. While both organizers and attendees should maintain these hygiene routines, event organizers need to: 

  • Add hand-sanitization stations for easy access and hands-on prevention of viral transmission.
  • Offer disinfectant sprays in high-traffic areas, which would increase the hygiene frequency of high-touch areas, such as doorknobs, furniture surfaces, and escalator rails
  • Vendors should regularly disinfect their work stations, while also making sure that they wash their hands frequently.
  • Event attendees should also be proactive and follow these precautionary measures for their own safety. 

Conduct On-Site Screening and Provide Guidance 

Apart from churning out thorough plans and blueprints before conducting on-site screenings throughout the course of the event, it is important for event organizers to provide guidance at information booths in the form of printed copies of safety measures and verbal guidance/assurances in order to restrain unwarranted panic. These measures should be broadcasted while the organizers are still in the event marketing stage, and are in the process of creating responsible buzz around an event.

Anyone Feeling Unwell Should Skip the Event

As a safety measure for themselves and against the further spreading of the virus, anyone, be it organizers or attendees, feeling unwell or exhibiting symptoms of the virus, should skip the event. They should also keep a medical-grade mask handy in order to prevent viral transmission. This is encouraged because if an infected person is too close to another person, the latter might end up breathing in cough/sneeze droplets that carry the virus. 

Apart from following the above measures, everyone must observe the following in the midst of the outbreak, as per WHO: 

  • Avoid touching your face, nose, or mouth, as your hands might have been in touch with infected surfaces and inadvertently transfer the virus inside your body. 
  • Follow proper respiratory hygiene, especially when you’re among large crowds and gatherings. Cover your nose and mouth with your elbow or handkerchief when you cough or sneeze, and dispose of the used tissue/handkerchief immediate to prevent viral transmission. 
  • Keep yourself up-to-date regarding the recent developments of the COVID-19, as this will allow you to make informed decisions for protecting yourself and those around you. This way, you can also avail the healthcare services that you need during situations that are stressful/anxiety-inducing. 

Apart from these measures, one can always reschedule and transform their event into a virtual one, when the necessity is dire and circumstances are predominantly unsafe. Stay safe at events by following these precautionary measures and hopefully, we will soon be able to contain and beat the COVID-19. Until then, the magic of events shall always shine through.  

Standard recommendations to prevent infection spread include regular hand washing, covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, thoroughly cooking meat and eggs. Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.

Are event apps a solution during Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak at events & conferences?

By Blog, Events

The recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has gripped the world in a mire of panic and uncertainty. While it is undeniable that this has disrupted daily life to a certain extent, it is unwise to give in to sheer alarm and obstruct everyday experiences altogether. The same is applicable for events – which are wonderful nexuses for interaction, business, and growth, carrying meaningful learning opportunities at every turn. It is understandable if attendees feel iffy about attending an event with a large gathering at this particular juncture – so what’s the solution?

Event Apps. With the world already on its way to embracing virtual realities, event apps emerge a the go-to solution in times of adversity. With adversity, comes hope – the hope to connect as human beings and forge genuine bonds that lead to extraordinary things, even during dark times. Virtual event technology is the future, allowing organizers to enhance and improve audience experiences, irrespective of geographical barriers and socio-cultural factors. Now, one can organize major conferences, seminars, and exhibitions with the touch of a button!

Why Event Apps Excel in the Virtual Realm

Over the last decade or so, event apps have evolved into a multifaceted tool for event organisers. Why? Event apps used for virtual events:

  • Make events more productive by raising the ROI for all the stakeholders involved
  • Grant valuable data that provide significant insights
  • Allow attendees to filter their interests and navigate what’s relevant to them
  • Act as a platform for broadcasting important event-related information
  • Last-minutes alterations can be updated seamlessly and in real-time
  • Reduce carbon footprint and helps save paper, among other natural resources
  • Allow organizers to sell advertising space, which is always a plus for sponsorships

Unmistakably, the ingenuity of event apps is not limited to the pointers above. You can use the app platform to promote the event effectively, with the help of in-app reminders, dedicated mail-outs, social media buzz, and so on. Event apps for virtual events can also be used to provide rewards to attendees in exchange for creating buzz prior to the said event.

Making the Best Out of Trying Times

Once organizers are able to master event app usage in a manner that is fruitful in a holistic manner, they can evoke an aspect of deeper engagement from attendees, garnering greater satisfaction levels. In the light of the Coronavirus outbreak, event organizers should try their optimum best to sustain the magic of events, without aggravating concerns in the minds of the masses. How can they do that? Here are some methods that work:

  • Use digital media extensively. Make efficient use of videos, podcasts, live streams, documents, etc to convey important information relevant to the event. You can also broadcast sneak peek snippets of key speakers who will be presiding over the event. Set up virtual sessions, so that attendees can log in at an appointed time, which helps evoke a feeling of community, which is much needed during tough times.
  • Highlight sponsors with product showcases. Make use of the event app to send in-app notifications and reminders to attendees, in order to highlight specific sponsors and exhibitors. Highlight the best product innovations from your event and showcase them with the help of the app.
  • Live streams are the way to go. Run all of your virtual events through live streams – you can either use Facebook/Instagram LIVE, IGTV, or streaming channels such as Twitch. You can also add in-app questions and pose them to your audience, share your own thoughts, along with that of your speakers, add a poll, etc. These strategies will not only increase event reach but also bolster engagement at t5he same time.
  • Run in-app contests for more engagement. You can do this by formulating a contest that is bound to bring in a certain amount of traction.  For instance, you can run a quiz, asking audiences to choose the right answer, on which, they receive a virtual reward of sorts. Activity walls can also be used to bring people together during difficult times.

Meanwhile, stay calm, be safe. Remember to follow verified best practices. WHO link

Here’s why you absolutely need a multi-event app

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One-time event apps are considered to be a good option for when it comes to handling a single, stand-alone event. Such apps are typically not made to use for other events and are usually discontinued once the event concludes. However, certain brands have an event portfolio to their credit that includes a number of events around the year. Thus, for the sake of app efficiency, these organizations are considering the option of intuitive multi-event apps.

Having said that, now the prime question is whether or not a brand should go for a multi-event app? Here are certain factors that one must consider in order to decide whether they are in need of a multi-event app:

Increased Number Of Registrations For Events

A number of events measure their success by counting the number of successful registrations completed for the event. When there is an increase in the number of registrations, a multi-event app can be helpful as it gives an opportunity to include upcoming events within the app and link the same to all the internal as well as external registration providers. Thus, if an individual downloads the app for a particular event, they have the opportunity to view the entire event portfolio of your brand. This can serve as an opportunity for cross-selling or word-of-mouth publicity.

An Easier Way For Making Multiple Registrations

When you offer a multi-event app to your attendees, they get the option to register for other events as well as from within the app. The entire process is a seamless one, as attendees can easily view when the registration for other events are open and can access the registration site right from the app. It’s a great way to drive user engagement.

Enhanced Savings On Promotional Expenses

Since your app remains the same and all you need to do is to add more and more events as and when scheduled in the same app, companies are able to acquire a lot more savings in terms of promotional expenses which were required to be incurred if a separate app were to be launched for individual events. Just add the event to the container app and the content can be accessed by people at large who are already using the app.

Centralized and Cohesive Event Communication

With the presence of a number of tools to manage different events, centralizing event communication helps in defining the communication and portfolio strategy for the brand. The brand is saved from promoting different standalone apps for different events. A single app can ensure that the attendees are informed about the upcoming events.

Streamlined and Efficient Event Management

Building and managing one app is easier in comparison to twenty. The overall cost is reduced when working with a multi-event app. As per a recent employee satisfaction survey, employees managing events via event app believe that offering a robust and efficient app interface and mechanics for all events, such as seminars, conferences, and meetings are way better than offering a new app each time a new event crops up.

Thus, multi-event apps factor into event branding for centralizing event communications as well as managing multifarious brands, thus, making it easier for adding and updating the events which are going to take place around the year.

Analysing event trends: 2020 Edition

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For performance-driven event companies, 2020 is an auspicious year. It not only marks the beginning of a new decade but also acts as a metaphor for 20/20, that is, thorough and top-notch performance. When it comes to catering to the expectations of attendees, event managers need to churn out an interactive as well as an amazing experience that not only impresses the eyes of the beholder but also rhymes a chord with their corporate goals.

During the course of the 2010s, the event industry became accustomed to ever-evolving event technology. As the world around progressively seeped to amalgamate itself with the digital interface, the event-arena too began to incorporate innovative technologies that favoured personalized recommendations. Event App – the new kid in town, paved its way into the market, helping event-companies accomplish their desired goals, by delivering what was the need of the hour.

Now all that has come into existence over the past ten years, not only exists but also keeps on evolving – for good. But being well-prepared helps one to stay at the top of the game and therefore, here’s a guide circling comprehensive annual event trends that will help opportunistic event managers in seizing the moment and growing in the professional event management arena.

Here’s what all event managers can expect out of 2020:

B2B brands shall strive for more interaction with the attendees

The whole purpose of corporate events is to be noticed. Since now the digital platform has established itself with accordance to event management, it’s a dire necessity that corporate events adopt a more unconventional approach, topped by experiential elements. It’s high time that event managers divert their attention from consumer events to B2B events, owing to the latter being more engaging and social.

Exhibitors’ benefit lies in strategically devised floor plans

One can’t overlook the fact that event managers reel in business by driving more and more traffic to sponsoring booths and activations by strategically devising event layouts. The proximity of the exhibition, keynote arena, happy hours, and other factors play a pivotal role in maximizing one’s event experience.

Event sustainability – a shared mission

The prospect of a sustainable event garners attention. For instance, incorporate actions that throw light on the environmental impact of events – tap water instead of plastic bottles, usage of public transport et cetera – initiatives that bind event manager, sponsors, and attendees.

Enterprise-grade Tech Partners

A larger event accounts for a mammoth number of attendees – which in turn means collecting and securing bulk-load of data. Protecting the private data of individuals is nothing short of being a liability, hence, it’s well-recommended that your event-tech partners like IT, security teams, legal, and others, are enterprise-grade – secured data ensures seamless event experience and ensures one’s reputation in the market.

Data-driven personalization is the new vogue

Data-driven solutions derive from machine learning, automation, and recommendation engines, thereby allowing event managers to provide personalized recommendations based on users’ actual behaviour – enabling them to make the most of their time. Events curated out of such technology riddled solutions enhance the experience of the attendees, surpassing satisfactory levels.

2020 – The year of revolution is here, the time is now, and the moment is waiting to be seized. Advancements of the likes of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and 5G, await to take the event companies by surprise.

Engaging sponsors with Event Gamification | Here’s how

By Blog, Events

Event gamification is one strategic move that is capable of making an event more profitable as well as effective by offering a memorable way for brands to engage attendees as well as the sponsors of the event.

You must be thinking what exactly is this term, ‘gamification’?

It may sound like a new term to you, however, all of us have been a part of gamification at least once or multiple times in the past. Let’s recall: you must have been asked to fill out a survey which could potentially lead to a lottery win, or used a credit card which offered rewards points or posted on social media accounts for freebies. All of these instances are nothing but various forms of gamification. It is basically neither an application nor an event technology, but it is a way to motivate audiences to take some kind of action by providing an incentive for completing a task.

Event gamification can be seen in different forms and in every form, it helps in transforming an event into a successful one. It works on the emotions and motivational factors of the attendees of the event.

It is important to boost sponsor engagement using gamification because of several reasons:

  • The more engaged the sponsors are, the better the events created for the attendees.
  • With more engaged sponsors, the chances of transactional interactions with the sponsors are minimized.
  • Since the sponsors quantify the ROI of the event to rate their involvement with the event, gamification is one big tool which is often used for increasing ROI.

Here are some of the ways in which one can drive engagement at events using gamification strategy:

Gamification Of The Booth Check-ins

Gamification is often customized to the goals of the sponsors in order to see what works and what does not work for them. Addition of game elements can be done as a call-to-action for attendees, which in turn, help in drawing visitors to the sponsor’s booth.


Gamification can transform regular speaker presentations to something fun and interactive. The presentations can be transformed using polls and other elements of social media integration. The sponsors may offer prizes to the winners and offer something of value to the participants as a gesture. This may spark the first conversation between the sponsors and the attendees.

Gamification Corner For Sponsor Promotion

A separate gamification corner may be created where the attendees may relax during the free time. Setting up of games such as interactive video games, chess, foosball etc. can be organized within the budget. The added benefit here is that there lies ample scope for sponsor promotion by the display of sponsor logos. In case the budget is bigger, AR and VR games may be considered.

Event App

Gamifying event apps with fun, interactive, and simple games can contribute to full-fledged utilization. Leader boards can be created and online event networking games can also be included for the attendees. To increase the interaction with sponsors, some augmented reality games may be integrated into the event app itself. This way, the app elevates from just being a medium for event registration to a platform for interaction between the attendees and sponsors.


How can you maximize ROI and enhance attendee experience via event chatbots?

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Chatbots came into deployment in the year 2017 and crossed the chasm right from just an idea to a definite reality. The year was celebrated as the year of chatbot technology. Event chatbots, when incorporated into an event app, become capable of enhancing ROI by a significant margin.

Chatbots are celebrated as a medium that is nothing but an interactive alternative for the printed guide in any event app. Event chatbots are the perfect medium for delivering any sort of event-related information to attendees, along with the various sessions and activities which are going to take place. Because of being available on a 24 X 7 basis, event chatbots are the perfect deliverable for any sort of support required during an event.

Hence, there lies great potential in the tool named chatbots, especially when it is about event marketing and maximizing return on investment.  Here’s how:

Education Of Users

AI has captured most part of our lives and the impact of the same can be judged from the fact that devices such as Google Home, Alexa etc. are part and parcel of every home today. The attendees are made to understand the ways of interaction with event chatbots and the benefits that can be attained. Since the attendees start interacting with the chatbots as early 8-10 days before the event, it serves as an educative guide for the pre-event communications.

Navigation Assistant

Since, the website may not be able to answer every question put forth by the visitors, the chatbots act as a navigation assistant in this case. The chatbots have the ability to answer the queries with a small description and the link of the relevant page and thus, remain as a unique source of information. They can also answer different queries of visitors.

Cost Reduction

When the event chatbots have used the cost of using the labour during online interactive sessions with the customers stand reduced. This is a great advantage for the companies receiving multiple queries in a single instant. The chatbots are thus aligned with the objectives of the companies and can be considered for enhancing customer conversion.

Increased Level Of Customer Engagement

It is important that the customers remain engaged with the brand before, during and after the event. As per the statistics, the companies that spend on event engagement using event chatbots are able to augment the customer spend by nearly 40%. The event chatbots are known to be providing a slice of useful information to the users in comparison to the conventional user interactive interfaces used by the brands and thus, promotes interaction with the user based on the inputs given by them. The rate of user engagement is high because chatbots don’t bore the customers by bugging them up with all sorts of unnecessary and irrelevant information and also keep the flow of the conversation by maintaining relevancy.

Although event chatbots are still considered to be a part of emerging technology; they are maturing quickly and becoming a staple for different events. Being interactive, chatbots create a unique experience for users by telling a story and ultimately leading to a sale.

Feature Focus : Smarter Push Notifications

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Contrary to popular belief, 50% of mobile users see Push Notifications as helpful! Survey

Push notifications are great to engage and re-engage. Take a second to ponder this – how do you decide, during your busy schedule, which app to engage with? Which is the screen on your phone that you view the most? Your mobile’s notification screen! Push notifications are a powerful form of mobile marketing and communicating the relevant content to users.


“With great power comes great responsibility.”

If you get too “pushy”, you will get booted. On the other hand, if you under utilise push notifications, both you and your customers lose out on value. We all know people who uninstalled an app just because too many notifications kept flooding their phones. So let’s look at how push notifications can be used smartly and made more helpful and user-friendly.

Personalised notification

Push notifications need to be targeted at the right user groups at the right time. The key to this is to make them ‘Personalised’. No one wants to read a generic ‘broadcast’ message – not every day! Talk to your consumers, use your analytics to learn their needs and behaviour. Present them with benefits to choose from. For example, do they need a reminder of the session they RSVPed?  Do they want recommendations based on interests? 

Interactive notification

As important as it is to make it personalised, your notifications need to drive your target audience to take action. Traditional notifications alert the user when a message comes in, but you couldn’t do anything without leaving your current activity. With upgrades to Android & iOS, users can reply or take action on a message within the banner. For example, when you push a poll as a notification, attendees can answer it from the notification screen itself, even if they might be reading news on another app.


Image notification

A picture speaks a thousand words. This age old saying stands true, as humans are visual creatures who tend to comprehend and respond more to visual stimuli. Send notifications with an eye grabbing image and you will hit the bull’s eye.


Deep-link notification

How many times have you received push notifications and on-tap, they take you to a screen that has no relevance to the message? Start deep-linking your push notifications. Deep-linking takes users to a specific area within the app instead of simply loading the app. For example, if you want to inform your audience about an exciting poll, make sure that once they click on the notification, it takes them directly to the poll, not the home screen. This will ensure a higher number of people participating in the poll.

In conclusion

Studies have shown that on average, push notifications are two times more effective than email campaigns. They can help you bring back users to your app, increase engagement, sales and retention. But don’t over do it. It is critical to utilise analytics to evaluate effectiveness of your notifications and iterate. Make sure you create messages that hold value to the end user. Leverage advanced techniques as listed above to create an impact and ROI for your brand. With the latest updates on both Android and iOS (Apple), brands have immense power to increase their lifetime value with their customers.

So next time, don’t just “PUSH” a notification, go beyond it!

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16 Ways an Event App Can Drive Engagement at Your Next Event

By Blog, Events

Hosting a corporate event is not as straightforward as you might think. It requires a lot of planning, coupled with hard-work and dedication, to host a grand show. In the recent past, the competition for corporate conferences has gotten fiercer than ever. This is because the sheer volume of corporate events has seen a serious surge. Be it startups or well-established household brands, both hold seminars and conferences to take their products and services to their prospective customers. In this article, we explore how an event app can drive engagement at your next event.

So, if you are planning a corporate conference or event, it is a given that you have to go that extra mile, leaving no stone unturned to make your event a tremendous success. Here are some of the things you have to focus on when planning a corporate conference or event –

  • Formulate your goals and objectives
  • Decide a rough budget for the event
  • Select a format and theme
  • Pick a location, a venue and the vendors
  • Decide on a date for the event
  • Find an experienced host

That’s quite a bit already! Once you have devoted a great deal of time and effort in organising every detail of the programme, it is now time to think about genuine attendee engagement, and why not? Because this is the reason you are spending the big bucks; there is no point in speaking in front of a countable crowd as you won’t be able to gain anything.

Promoting a corporate event is an uphill task

Well, there is nothing more valuable when building brand authenticity than being in the same room with the people you want to connect with, but it only happens if your marketing strategies are up to the mark. While organising a corporate conference means hard and smart work, one of the biggest challenges when pulling off a grand event is its promotion. You need a promotion strategy that builds trust and credibility among your target audience, influencing them to be a part of the ceremony. Just look at this number, a year ago PepsiCo hosted an event at Super Bowl and it was revealed that to make their show a global hit, they invested 40% of their event budget on digital marketing strategies. So, it is clear that promoting your corporate event is indispensable in your road to business and brand glory in today’s cut-throat competitive era.

How event apps can help in increasing attendee engagement

Over the last couple of decades, the world of technology has evolved significantly and now we have smartphones, the father of all gadgets, to perform an array of tasks. These include shopping online with just a few taps, playing games, watching our favourite web series and the list is endless. Today, there are dedicated Android & iOS apps that bring great conveniences to our lives. Not only on the personal front, but smartphone apps are also aiding both small and large businesses to push their brands forward. And event engagement applications are no different – they help drive greater attendee engagement at corporate events.

Before we go any deeper, it is imperative to know what an event app is. An event app is a powerful channel to drive attendee engagement at your public conference or event. These event apps come with a host of functionalities, spanning from marketing the event to letting your attendees access your conference on the move. Modern event apps are power-packed with a broad spectrum of valuable features for assuring attendee convenience and improved attendee engagement. An event app’s primary objective is to provide all the necessary information concerning the event, making it readily accessible for your target audience.

Drive Engagement for better ROI

A capable event app has many result-driven features that can transform your public meet into a mega big-brand event. A dedicated event app boosts interactivity among your potential attendees and provides various functionalities for effective attendee engagement.

Now, coming to the million dollar question – how can an event app drive attendee engagement? To solve the dilemma of whether to invest in an event application or not, here is a list of 16 ways an event application can be a game changer. So, scroll down to take a look at the highlighted key points –

Highly Targeted Marketing With Event App

Your marketing will definitely be more precise if you are targeting people those are already interested in your event. When you have a powerful attendee engagement application, you can completely tailor it to suit your bespoke needs and requirements. You can easily create and customise guest lists based on the interest levels of the participants and have great attendee engagement.

Push Notifications At Will

Gone are the days where you needed to send an email for every change in the event schedule. Send out quick updates to engage your potential attendees via push notifications through your event app. With advanced deep linking within event apps from providers like AIDAIO, you can even link polls, contests, surveys and more in a push notification. Driving engagement up is as easy as a tap on the screen.

Effective Communication

An event app lets you develop a dedicated channel for engaging with attendees at your event. Those who are interested can sign up for your company’s mega show. The app can be productively used to promote your event to your specified audience. By investing in an attendee engagement event app, you can conveniently connect with people who are part of the event. This establishes efficient communication; saving time and money.

Establish An Attendee Network

An event app provides an organiser with the ability to create an attendee network, where your participants can connect with one another and share their thoughts. The attendee engagement application will help you establish a community, so if you are hosting regular events, then it can further boost your engagement. Attendees can post on the activity wall, chat with each other, participate and compete in contests and take advantage of the matchmaking functions of the event app.

Easy Event App Customisation

With a dedicated event app, you can have as many modules as you want to have, in line with the needs of the event and the kind of show you are hosting, such as celebrity events, rock events, etc. The event app will provide the organiser of the event with a wealth of features that make the customisation of the event easy, helping them engage their attendees with a razor sharp focus. With the AIDAIO drag and drop event app builder, customisation of the app on the fly is a breeze and changes reflect in the attendee’s event app instantaneously.

Instant Content Updates

Whether you are launching a product or holding a seminar, there is often a scenario when you have to make last-minute changes. Sometimes the timing of the event has to be changed or a speaker needs to be switched, so you need to keep the participants of the event informed “on-the-go.” With instant updates by the dedicated event app, you don’t have any difficulties connecting with your audience. With the event app, content can be updated instantaneously and without the attendees having to update their apps.

Multi-track & Personalised Agenda

Event apps let attendees save their favourite sessions to a personalised agenda, thus boosting interactivity. An event App will ensure the participants are up to date with the show and its various activities. Advanced event apps can also send attendees personalised reminders before their favourite sessions are about to start.

Social Media Promotion

A majority of the event apps come with social media functionality. This means that the content in the event app can be posted to popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, therefore your business has a powerful marketing opportunity.

Get More Organised

With an attendee engagement app, you can get more organised; it acts as a single platform that lets you store vital information about the event. This involves scheduling every minute detail of the show, spanning from the speakers, the location, sponsors and so on. With just one glance you will be able to find the information you want easily, avoiding any sort of confusion.

Managing Multiple Events

When you are handling a number of events over a period of time, an event app is worth the investment. With just one click, you could find the list of participants and track message threads easily. An event app will give you the power to keep a tab on each and every event with just a few clicks. After the event has concluded, you can post event activities for greater customer engagement, especially for your upcoming shows.

Obtain Feedback

Feedback is integral to improving event experiences. But more often than not, the reviews and ratings go into the trash bin. Therefore, an event manager is required to find a way to collect and manage data in a systematic manner. Event apps are the answer. Once the participant has attended the event, they can go back to the event app to rate their experiences. The feedback you get can be analysed for creating a more tailored event the next time.

Live Polling

This feature gives attendees the power to have their say in the event through live polling. Publish targeted polls to gauge the sentiment of the attendees at the push of a button. Advanced event app builders even let you project the responses on a screen or stage.

Event App Gamification

What better way to drive engagement than a leaderboard of top contributors at your event? Grant points and badges to attendees that post on the wall, participate in polls and surveys, play treasure hunts and visit exhibitors. It’s all possible with event apps. A few good prizes for top contributors will go a long way to boost engagement at your event.

Lead Generation

Some event apps come with built in features to facilitate business lead generation. For example, the AIDAIO event app builder has a built-in personal QR code for each attendee and exhibitor. A simple scan of a potential lead’s QR code via the app adds them to your contacts and the system sends you the entire list you have collected at the tap of a button. No more lost business cards!

Monetising The Event

There are certain attendee engagement event apps that allow you to better monetise your event and get sponsors. You can easily add sponsor ads and banners, sponsor splash screens and other sponsor specific sections to the application in a seamless manner. This showcases your sponsors to their potential customers and facilitates conversation and engagement between the two.

Event Analytics & Reporting To Monitor Engagement

You can do so much with an event app to study how your customers have engaged with the app. This includes analysing the virtual poll results, the likes, speaker ratings and much more! This will help you create  more impactful and engaging content for your next event.

To Sum Up

From the above-mentioned points, it is a no-brainer to conclude that investing in an event app to promote your product launch is a great idea. So, don’t think or rethink any further. Just reach out to AIDAIO, a company that has the trust and admiration of the event industry. They provide tailored solutions to make your show rewarding in terms of attendee engagement and profits.

7 Reasons To Adopt Onsite Event Check-in Technology

By Blog, Events

The event check-in and registration desk is the first impression your guests have of your event. It needs to be stunning, welcoming and efficient. Time to replace outdated practices across all types of events – conferences, corporate, meet-ups, incentive, family days, exhibitions. Put your best foot forward with onsite event technology.

Long queues? Volunteers fumbling over badges? Flipping through paper guest lists? Missing badges? Last-minute registrations? Clogged up entry points? Annoyed guests? Unaware of the guest count? Still facing such problems? Time to go digital with your event check-in. Think like your guests – your guests are mobile-savvy, loyal to tech brands, incredibly self-reliant, impatient and yearn for instant gratification. Not convinced yet? Here are 7 additional reasons.

Airport Check-in Experience

Your guests are well-travelled, probably checked-in to a flight 24 hours ago. They expect a check-in experience similar to an airport. Your guest should walk to any counter, show identification, show a valid ticket/confirmation (on mobile!) and walk out with their badge. All within seconds.

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Shorter Queues  

Our studies show that guests stand in line upwards of 4-6 minutes when no technology is used at event check-ins. This is primarily due to event staff sorting through badges and searching printed guest lists. In today’s fast-paced world, waiting for “minutes” is an eternity for your guests. A smart onsite check-in mobile app can reduce guest wait times by over 1200% to under 30 seconds.

Instant Check-in

With technology, our actions have become instant. Book a cab, shop for a new wardrobe, order food, pay taxes – all just a tap away. So why not your event check-in? Integrate technology to support and empower your guest’s fast-paced behavior. At events powered by our solution, guests scan their unique QR-code and are instantly checked-in. No searching, no sorting, no waiting! Don’t believe us? Check out our video.

Smarter Manpower, Lesser Training

Good event staff is no longer sufficient. With increasing costs, your event volunteers need to get smarter, more efficient and reliable. With the experience of hundreds of events, guest & organiser feedback, our product team has designed an event check-in app that is intuitive, ergonomic, easy-to-setup and simple to use. Our plug and play solution ensures training is completed within 5 minutes. You can trust the check-in app to do the hard work, while your volunteers welcome your guests with a smile!

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Bonus Insight: Most events working with us have converted their check-in desks to self-check-in kiosks. Contact us to know more.

Flexible & Adaptable

Invariably, despite days of planning, the unexpected always occurs at every event. In such moments, you expect your staff to react quickly and adapt. Expect the same with your technology. Rigid technologies lead to frustration. Onsite event check-in technology should adapt to guest & logistic requests – last-minute guest updates, additional data to capture, new tracking locations, table changes and more.

Live Analytics & Tracking

Data! Data! Data! It needs to be live, readily available and reliable. ‘Nuf said.

Secure & Reliable

Data privacy is on top of your guest’s mind. Besides ensuring your guest data is up-to-date, organised and synchronised, it needs to be secure! Access to data, export/print should be restricted and administered. Absolutely critical is to ensure guest QR-codes are encoded and can be decoded only by the check-in app. Our solution is powered by an enterprise-grade GDPR compliant platform. We have made data privacy our top priority, which forms the backbone of our solution.

Wrapping up, eliminate event check-in chaos, uninterested volunteers and guest frustrations. Instead generate enthusiasm for your next event with high-end technology. Feel free to contact us.

How AIDAIO made Tesco Foundation Day 2018 a digital success!

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Tesco Bengaluru is the only international technology and retail operations centre for Tesco worldwide. They make the Tesco experience better for millions of customers, and simpler for over 4,60,000 colleagues around the world. Keeping the organisation connected and engaged the world over is critical to Tesco’s continued success.

The Goals

1. Launch an app at a Tesco event that keeps the attendees connected after the event.

2. Use the app to ensure a smooth check-in experience for every attendee at the event.

Tesco Business Services wanted their Foundation Day to help connect event attendees through an event app so that they stay engaged even after the conference. Additionally, they wanted the event to be a great experience for their employees and wanted to ensure a smooth and seamless event check-in and registration experience.


The Result

The AIDAIO event app, branded for Tesco, coupled a seamless check-in experience with the ability to help attendees connect and engage successfully.

All the attendees were successfully checked-in in record time. The entire process for all 2000+ attendees was done in less than 30 minutes. That averages to under a second spent on each person! The branded Tesco Event App helped attendees to view the agenda and speaker list, as well as share and post content in the app with ease.

What’s more, the participants who met at the event found each other on the app after the event and continue to stay connected till date. The app is multi-functional and has turned out to be a great investment!


I just want to say that this is a wonderful thing that you guys have done because the app was so cool, I was able to see the agenda of the program, check-in solutions…it didn’t take me too long, just have to walk in. It was really a fantastic job.                                                     Richard Johnston – HR Team


How did an app connect an organisation this large?

With a clever combination of pre-event content to build excitement for Foundation Day, interaction through live polls, engagement with speakers through live Q&A during sessions and much more. Additionally, the app also gathers data that gives Tesco insights into what sessions and themes their employees are most interested in and sets them up for success in all their future events and employee engagement activities.

If there’s a company that’s mastered the art of employee engagement, it’s Tesco Business Services. We’re glad to be partners with them on this journey!