Employee Engagement App

Your Enterprise app helps you create and curate your information and ensures anyone can easily engage with you, gives your organization a centralized hub that produces individualized feeds for your staff. Reach every one of your employees with the right message at the right time, every single time.

Why do you need your own Enterprise App?

Your branded App is the silent ambassador of your company. Amplify every employee’s voice with iOS & Android Mobile App powered by AIDAIO.

Mobile employees

You need to fight for your employee’s attention. Leverage the channel employees already have in their pockets. Apps are mobile and easily integrate into your employee’s lives

Boost engagement

In today digital engagement needs to be mobile. Empower your Millennials with Engaging Apps that create a 2-way communication channel with everyone (including you).

No Whatsapp/Facebook

Say NO to Whatsapp, Facebook etc,. You should own your own data, not any 3rd party. Open up content-creation and collaboration without compromising on data ownership and privacy.

Transform your organization

Go beyond the employee handbook and give your corporate culture a vibrant voice Align your employees to the company’s vision & mission in scale while individuals still retain their identity. Give your workforce an opportunity and safety to step out of the traditional corporate mindset of silos. Provide digital places where people interact with each other within and across teams.

Your Enterprise App

Don’t miss the chance to get your branded Employee App. Get connected anytime.

Digitize your Workforce

With an online dashboard and iOS & Android mobile App, you’ll have full control of content created and see your employee engagement real-time. Go Mobile!

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Simplify Communication

Push Notifications – Latest news & updates. Employee Rich Profiles with Search. Meetings/Events Calendar. Resource pages & Information. FAQs

Enhance Conversations

Idea Board. Discussion Forums. Private social network to share photos etc.,. Private 1-1 Employee Chat. Feedback & Surveys. Employee Blog. Employee Podcasts.

Strengthen Culture

Scavenger Hunts, Digital badges for Achievements. Monthly & Yearly Leaderboards. Polls. Quiz. Gamification of entire engagement aligned to your culture

Employee Engagement app demo

To see a live demo of the employee engagement app: 
  1. Download nunify app from the App store
  2. Enter the code in nunify – EE
  3. Join & you can skip login or login with your email address