All-in-one Event registration platform

Register, Check in, Track, Manage your guests real-time

Flexible registrations within minutes

Our event registration management platform adapts to your event. You can integrate seamlessly to Eventbrite or Import your guest list through excel or use our registration form. Event Registration forms are branded, mobile-responsive and support multiple fields types and conditional field types. You can create multiple tickets types and integrate to payment gateways for tickets. The best part – All of this deployed in minutes!

Personalised checkins for your guests 20x faster

Flexible checkin options to get your guests through the door at lighting fast speeds.

Multiple checkin types

Self checkin, scan qr code, search attendee, onsite registrations

Offline mode

Our guest checkin app works offline!

Personalised welcome

Don't just check your guests in, usher them with a personalised welcome projection.

Instant reports

Get quick insights on checkins or download reports

No hassles of pre printing badges

Design custom event badges

Flexible badge creator to design your custom event badge.

On demand badge print

Eliminate tables of badges at your event. You can easily print complete badges on-site quickly.

Effortless Printer Setup

Our recommended printers, i.e. Brother QL720NW, Epson TM-C3500 can be setup without any technical knowledge

Session Management

Easily track your guests with printed or in app QR-code/NFC/RFID badges. You can easily track attendance, crowd-movement not just in sessions but lunch/drinks area. Using the check in mobile app, you can quickly add locations to start track.

Mobile app integrated

Integrate to mobile apps from our platform to get deeper insights into attendee behaviour. Passively monitor your attendee movement using iBeacon, NFC technologies