Turn Passive Attendees into Active Participants

best event app

Event app features built to drive Engagement

Your event app should not be a replica of your event brochure. Use our best-in-class event app features to drive interactions & conversations.


The first screen for Millennials & Gen Z is mobile today. Your event app needs to be more than just information.

Video Engages

We are the first in the industry to launch video upload by attendees using the event app. Video engages & encourages.

Integrated projection

Let your event app content live outside the mobile. Most of our features are projection-ready with a simple click to project.

event app activity feed

Event App newsfeed

Post Photo & Text

Create memories in the event app that attendees can like, share, comment.

Upload Video

Unique feature to allow attendees to upload videos directly from the event app.

Live Audience Poll

Project LIVE

Ask your audience their opinion in the event app & display results real-time.

No Clunky Hardware

Simple setup with laptop and tap to answer in event app. No Voting pad system & hardware setup.

live audience poll

Surveys & Feedback

Offline enabled

Multiple templates to get feedback from attendees with offline-enabled event app feedback.


Select over 40 languages and reach attendees across different geographies.

Mic-less Q&A

In-App Q&A

Your event app acts like a microphone where attendees can ask questions in-app.


Turn on moderation and easily filter questions asked in event app before they go live.


Event App Sessions

Session Rating

Get more detailed feedback for each session with a simple Uber-like rating.

Interactive session

Attendees can interact with sessions inside the event app - Rate,Q&A, Documents, Speakers.