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Four ways festivals can benefit from event apps

By November 22, 2016February 4th, 2020No Comments

A question we get asked often by Event Organizers is –

“How would an Event App benefit my festival ?”


Here is a handful of ways event apps can be an amazing convenience tool and add value to both festivals and fairs. Ensure you are using the Event app to reap ALL these benefits to maximize the ROI of it.


Hassle-free Ticketing – Booking tickets for the festival has never been so easy and effortless. Festival-goers can view and book deals & packages on the move.




Boost Sponsorship – Over 100 Festival Apps (powered by AIDAIO) have helped festivals reduce their on-site staff and going paperless. For this reason, it has helped to reduce costs by 30%. Additionally, it creates a platform to generate revenue from sponsors by selling in-app banners, splash screens, notifications and more.




Inspired Audience – Help your audience have the time of their lives by informing them about the festival’s calendar. Let them know when their favorites are playing! Introduce the newer ones by sharing youtube videos and much more.







Event Content goes mobile – Make your app the go-to place for all your content instantly. Get announcements and directions to important locations and don’t forget to include emergency information in the App!







The bottom line is that mobile possibilities are endless. Don’t use it to only replace paper or brand visibility. Or even worse a replica of your website!

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