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Tradeshows: 4 ideas where Event Apps will be benefitial

By November 22, 2016February 4th, 2020No Comments

A question we get asked often by Tradeshows and Expo managers is-

“How an Event App would benefit my Tradeshows?”

There are a handful of ways event apps can be an amazing convenience tool and add value to both exhibitors and visitors. Ensure you are using the Event app to reap all these benefits to maximize the ROI of it.

Happy Exhibitors – Empower your exhibitors to get discovered, increase booth visits, target notifications to visitors through exhibitor listings linked to an interactive floor plan.

Buyer-Seller Connect – Utilize the APP to provide exhibitor content with product brochures, videos & pre-show brand information to your visitors. This, in turn, facilitates better connections, booking meetings and did we say an additional revenue for you?

Instant Lead Generation – A simple APP survey recently run on an APP (powered by AIDAIO) generated over 5000 leads. So don’t just list the exhibitors. Make it interactive with sponsored polls, giveaways, contests besides an in-app contact exchange and much more.

Save Money, Earn Money – Over 100 Event Apps (powered by AIDAIO), have helped tradeshows and expos by going paperless and reduced their on-site staff. This, in turn, has reduced their costs by 30%. Additionally, it creates a digital advertising platform for all exhibitors to promote their brand.

Also, if you have a conference then check out this link.

The bottom line is that mobile possibilities are endless. Don’t use it to replace paper or improve your brand visibility, or worse a replica of your website! To know more about mobile apps, click here!

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