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4 ideas for conferences & meetings to benefit from Event Apps

By November 21, 2016February 4th, 2020No Comments

A question we get asked often about event-apps in conferences and meetings is –

“What can I expect from an Event App for my conferences and meetings?”

We would like to share a handful of ways event apps can benefit you and everyone else at your next conference or meeting. Ensure you are using the Event app to reap ALL these benefits to maximize the ROI of it. Four ways event apps will benefit conferences & meetings are:

Happy Participants  – Worried about long registration queues? last-minute changes? sessions that run over time? are speakers being late? sponsors wanting visibility? Your App will open up new lines of communication amongst attendees, sponsors, speakers & planners like yourself.

Event Content goes mobile – Make your App the hub for all content. Provide instant updates right in the palm of your audience. Measure the pulse on the ground with instant polls and feedback. In any case, Don’t forget to Include emergency information in the App!

Save Money, Earn Money – Over 100 Event Apps powered by AIDAIO have helped events by going paperless & reducing on-site staff. As a result, this has reduced their costs by 30%. Additionally, the App creates a digital platform for your Partners & Exhibitors to increase visibility and promote their brand.

Facilitate Networking & Participation – Create a digital community around your event. Use the App to connect attendees using our intelligent matchmaking based on their interests. Let them share their thoughts in a public event feed, through private messages or in social media.

All things considered, mobile possibilities are endless. Don’t use it to replace paper, brand power or even worse a replica of your website!

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