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AIDAIO Launches Ice : Games for Product Activations & Experiential Marketing

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There are umpteen ways to increase your brand’s market reach, but at its very core, the power of brand marketing hinges on the relationship between your brands and its consumers. Brands have harnessed the power of consumer influence through captive messaging and employed appropriate media platforms to nurture a brand image.

Product launches and activation events are one such place where your brands hold a higher visibility. They play an important role in increasing your audience engagement. These events provide a window for consumers to experience the brand and connect with it. In addition to it, exhibitions and trade shows also allows for a greater scope to showcase brands, capture leads, and build a relationship with consumers.

To accelerate the event experience, brands introduce different type of fun games as a part of their customer engagement programs. It delivers their brand experience with a sense of surprise – an unexpected but a fulfilling encounter.

But many-times, these games are either paper based or bulky to carry around to even consider any customization. Also, they don’t present a quick and easy way to capture leads. What good is an engagement program where the process of capturing valuable insights has not been streamlined?

This is where AIDAIO’s new product, Ice, can complement and elevate the brand experience.

Ice is a collection of interactive digital games, launched by AIDAIO, with the goal of increasing attendee engagement and brand recall in exhibitor booths, conferences, activation events, product launches. Some of the games available are Spin wheel, treasure hunt (with iBeacons), Quiz, PicZle – picture puzzles, Hangman along with many more upcoming games.

Ice is available in Android and the iOS version is coming soon. Ice games are designed for iPads and tablets. Exhibitors and experiential marketers can choose one or more games, design and theme the games with their brand, and even configure the rules of the game!! Games can be now be setup and rolled out within a few hours.

Ice gives complete control of interactive audience engagement at the stalls by digitally capturing leads and providing valuable insights.

Download the Android app here. You can sign up to view demo of the game, and even request for a specific game for your upcoming event.

Our games. Your gains. Give Ice a spin now.

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